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Terms and Conditions

Trigema a.s. is responsible for all information published on the website www.2barevneletnany.cz (‘the Website’) as operator of this website.

The following conditions apply to users of the Website:

1. Website www.2barevneletnany.cz operator is Trigema a.s. (‘the Operator’).

2. These conditions for users (‘Conditions’) are issued by the Operator in order to familiarise the public with the methods and conditions of the Website.

3. It is forbidden to interfere in any way with the content and technical nature of the Website without the permission of the Operator. Only the Operator is entitled to decide to make any changes to the Website.

4. Only the Operator is entitled to change or add to these Conditions.

5. The Operator may require the provision of the user’s personal details for access to some information contained in the Website. In such cases, the Operator undertakes to use such data in compliance with Act no. 101/2000 Coll. on Personal Data Protection.

6. All information and data including visualisations contained in the Website are only of an informative nature.

7. The Conditions for use of this Website are valid and apply from their data of publication. Their date of publication is 2 May 2012.

Recommended browser and computer configuration: This website is fully compatible with the latest versions of all standard browsers (i.e. with installed updates up to September 2010). This website has been tested for the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers. For full website functionality, you must enable JavaScript and Adobe Flashplayer is recommended.

Minimum configuration: Internet browser supporting image processing including displaying transparency using the so-called alpha channel. The browser must be able to interpret contents written according to XHTML 1.0 Strict formatting using CSS level 2 specifications.

Trigema a.s.
Bucharova 2641/14
158 00 Prague 5
IČ: 61466123
Entered in the Commercial Registered maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Part B, Entry 12794

Contact person
Andrea Marie-Anna Pajskrová
Tel.: +420 251 612 580
E-mail: pajskrova@trigema.cz

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