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There is a wood offering many sports opportunities in close proximity to 2Barevné Letňany. On the other side, right next to building A is a public transport bus stop, from which you can get to the underground in 4 minutes, and the centre of Prague in 20 minutes. Also in the neighbourhood:

  • 5 nursery or elementary schools
  • 5 restaurants + Letňany SC food court
  • Tesco Letňany, Penny market and a number of grocery shops
  • Pool, ice rink, sports centre, squash courts, gym
  • 2 pharmacies and a health centre

More about the location

  • Transport
  • Nursery and elementary schools
  • Shops
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Pharmacy
  • Local authorities/offices
  • Restaurant
  • Culture
  • Sports and relaxation
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