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Letňany and surroundigs

The Letňany area is becoming an ever more sought after place to live. This is demonstrated by statistics on the sale of new apartments in Prague, which place Letňany in top position out of all its districts.

This is no surprise, as Letňany is currently clearly the most dynamically developing district in the whole of Prague. This has been helped a lot by the extension of the underground, and Letňany Shopping Centre, which offers a whole range of services, cultural activities, shopping and entertainment.

Plus other amenities in Letňany are also excellent (see map of locality)

2Barevné Letňany is situated close to the centre of old Letňany, right next to the older quarter, which will be literally across the road to be built as part of the project. This bears the name Nepomuckých after an old Letňany family whose members served as Letňany Vogts (noble overlords) at various periods from the 18th to the 20th century.

A nice bonus is 2BL’s proximity to a new forest park where you can take advantage of cycle paths or the inline skating track. This means you have the countryside and plenty of space for sport and relaxation within reach.

It is no coincidence that other development projects are taking shape near 2Barevné Letňany, with the excellent location inviting residential construction. However, in comparison to competing projects, 2Barevné Letňany offers better value for money and quality, and the best connections and the benefits of so-called social living – a building with twenty apartments offers a significantly more pleasant environment than a huge eleven-storey complex.



The extension of the underground to Letňany turned this former outlying region into a quarter from which you can be in the city centre in twenty minutes. 2Barevné Letňany is not right next to the underground station, but even so you can get to, e.g., Wenceslas Square in just half an hour. For shopping and entertainment, you can also use the free-of-charge T line bus service to Tesco Letňany!

For drivers, the proximity of Prague’s ringroad is a clear benefit.

Staré Letňany bus stop – city bus 185, 4 min trip to Letňany underground station, free-of-charge T-line service to TESCO Letňany.

Nursery and primary schools

  • General František Fajtl primary and nursery school
  • Fryčovická primary and nursery school
  • Tupolevova primary and nursery school
  • Rychnovská primary and nursery school
  • Havířovská nursery school
  • Malkovského nursery school
  • Příborská nursery school


Facilities in Letňany are also excellent for most shopping needs. Letňany Shopping Centre has a dominant position, but you can also use the Globus hypermarket or Penny Market, which is closer. If you are not a fan of large shops, there are a number of small shops and stores in Letňany. You can use the ‘Večerka’ grocery store to shop for basic foodstuffs fast, which is literally across the street from 2Barevné Letňany.

  • Letňany Shopping Centre, Tesco hypermarket
  • Globus hypermarket
  • Penny Market, Havířovská 473
  • Večerka, Ostravská 636


In the medical field, there are also a whole spectrum of GP and specialist surgeries, including for emergencies for both children and adults. Most surgeries are located in the Healthcare facilities on Frýdecká street. 

  • Lege Artis, spol. s r.o. Society of Doctors, Frýdecká 439 – GP, psychiatry, dentist and gynaecology surgeries.
  • Další zdravotnická zařízení  Other medical facilities


The closest pharmacy is just a few dozen metres from 2Barevné Letňany, plus there is a nearby alternative pharmacy.

  • Letňany pharmacy, Bechyňská 63
  • Pharmacy, Šumperská 652

Public authorities

The local council’s building is the administrative centre of the quarter, and also contains the post office and state and city police. All these institutions are close to 2Barevné Letňany.

  • Post office - Bechyňská 638
  • Local council - Bechyňská 639
  • CR Police – local department, Bechyňská 639


You can satisfy your hunger or enjoy a snack at a number of restaurants, pubs and bars with a range of specialities and prices which can be found on every corner. We summarise here only the closest.

  • V Ohybu restaurant, Toužimská 41
  • Empír steak restaurant, Beranových 39
  • Ristorante Il Giardino, Dudkova 97
  • U Králů restaurant, Dudkova 99


The Letňany SC includes the Cinema City multiplex cinema. There is a local library and cultural centre in old Letňany.

  • Cinema City Letňany multiplex
  • Library, Rychnovská 651
  • Letňanka cultural centre

Sport and relaxation

You won’t just find shopping opportunities in Letňany’s shopping zone, but also an unusually wide range of sports activities. There is a swimming pool, ice rink, sports centre with tennis and badminton courts and a wind tunnel for adrenalin enthusiasts.  There are also options for relaxation and regeneration. And there are also sporting opportunities in other places in Letňany.

  • Aquacentrum Letňany Lagoon – pools, fitness, sunbeds
  • Sports centre
  • Ice centre – public skating
  • Skydive Arena – flying in a wind tunnel
  • TJ Letov gym
  • Squash Modrý svět, Beranových 125 – gym, sauna, aerobics, massage
  • Letňany Forest Park – in-line skating, cycle paths
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