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About the project

2Barevné Letňany (2Colourful Letňany) is, as the name suggests, a continuation of the very successful Barevné Letňany project, in which three apartment blocks were constructed in steps between 2008 and 2011, and named according to the colour of their facades – the Red, Yellow and Blue Houses. These three buildings contain a total of 255 new residential units.

All three stages of the project were marked by massive buyer interest, confirmed by the fact that they were largely sold out at the same time as they were formally approved for residence.

The Barevné Letňany project has been praised not just by its clients, but also experts. In November 2011, Barevné Letňany acquired an award in the ‘Best of Realty’ competition, considered as the most prestigious in the field locally. A panel made up of recognised experts gave the project second place in the residential projects category! In explaining their choice, they said, ‘Barevné Letňany is a successful modern residential centre which the panel awarded for its position on the market and sensitive incorporation within the current residential zone.’

2Barevné Letňany is located around six hundred metres from the first phase on Beranových street right at the city bus stop, Staré Letňany. In the first stage, three five-storey buildings, each with 23 apartments will be constructed. The majority of apartments will have a 3+kk (2-bedroom) layout. There will be 15 two- and three- bedroom apartments in each building, with the remaining apartments made up of 7 one-bedroom apartments and two studios (1+kk), Six apartments in each building will have a separate kitchen. Each apartment will include a balcony.

The apartments come with storage rooms and garage parking spaces, which are located in the basement, which is shared for all three buildings.

The composition of apartments demonstrates that 2BarevnéLetňany offers ideal accommodation for active families with children. This is enhanced by one of the project’s specialities – there is a fenced green zone next to the buildings in which parents can let their children play without needing to worry whether they will run out onto the road.

The dominant facade colour is green, which is always complemented by a second neutral colour. Green symbolises a connection with nature – and not only in terms of the green space by the buildings – the newly founded Letňany park is also nearby.

Green has always symbolised life, rebirth, freshness and youth, nature, spring and hope – all religions, faiths and cults can agree on that. Every green spring assures man that death has been extinguished and life has renewed itself. Green was the colour of the Greeks’ Aphrodite, born from the green sea, and the colour of the Ancient Roman God of Spring, Venus. Vishnu, the Indian God holding up the world, appears in one of his avatara as a green turtle. The Aztecs placed a green chalchihuitl stone, a symbol of rebirth, into the body of their rulers in place of the heart, while Ancient Egyptian embalmers used the holy scarab beetle for the same purposes, made from emerald.

According to psychologists, people whose favourite colour is green are determined, while people who are unsure of themselves do not like the colour.

Green is a colour of hope – for you, it is a colour of security …

1st stage timetable

Sales begin: May 2012
Construction begins: summer 2012
Construction complete: autumn/winter 2013

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